Friday, December 7, 2012


Being a final year student, I am supposed to be freaking out with studies and all.
Instead I am planning what to do after I graduate. 
Taking one whole year of gap year, purely for travelling. 
I would love to go to US again, travel NZ, backpack Europe with mom or go take a diving course, explore a couple of islands. 
I so want to get out of the country! 
I want to do all of this before I start my miserable routinised working life. 
There are people that might judge me as being spoilt, irresponsible, immature. 
It's an Asian thing. But heck, no fuck given. 
There's this set of sequence of life that everyone is expected to follow. 
Everyone is expected to get a degree, get a job, find a spouse, get married, have kids, retire, die. 
This is a routine that I see on everyone, and I hate it. 
Why can't I live against it? 
I have only one life, and I want it to be different from everyone. 
I've been cracking my head on how to escape this.
Some people might think that this is absolutely normal, but I see it as a depressing social norm that I must follow. 
The moment when I graduate, that set of lousy routine is going to start in my life and I can't do anything about it. 
Gap year is just my temporary escape from reality. 
Guess I'll have to accept this crap sooner or later. 

5 Fellas That Stole My Heart. Cinque Terre.

As of yesterday, I am finally FREEE from assignments! Well for the time being only of course. 
Finally got the mood to do something to my dying blog. 

I shall start with my favourite place of the trip, my mom's too. 
Cinque Terre.
It's a national park with 5 villages. 
Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola & Riomaggiore. 
So awesome that I wish to stay there forever.
Though we spent only one night here, it gave me memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life.  

We took a train from Milan interchanged in La Spieza, and to our final destination Corniglia.
There's walking paths that we can walk from one village to another. 
So we decided to do the one from Corniglia to Vernazza. 
It's about an hour and half of walking, the view along the way is simply amazing. 
We took a train to the remaining 3 villages, because we don't have enough time.

Pictures will do the talking, I didn't edit a lot of the pictures, because I am still figuring out how to edit pictures on Mac.
Yes, I suck in computers, but hey I am used to Windows okayyy.

This is by far the BEST spaghetti frutta di mare that I had. We were famished and tired, this came just on the right time.
I can still remember the taste of the sea while overlooking Manarola.

Found this cute little cafe giving out free wife and free wi-fi.

Cinque Terre is definitely in my must-return list. 
I remember every picturesque view, every taste, every smell, every breathtaking moments I had here. 
I still couldn't stop smiling whenever I thought about these 5 little villages. 
I felt genuinely happy, weird much?

Thursday, October 4, 2012


It's been 2 months already.
I am almost depressed for not being able to go back.
I do miss the life in England, loads. And the most of it, I miss travelling Europe.
Although in the beginning I am not really used to it, I grew to loving it and refusing to leave.
Yes I know I should be loving my own country,
but let's face it, the grass is definitely greener on the other side and yes I am a realist.
I decided to start blogging again,
simply because I want to indulge in those fond memories that I had, especially my travels in Europe.
How I wish I could relive those 6 months.
I believe I will go back again.

Uni had started for 2 weeks already, it's a relief to see my old friends again.
It's really hard to believe it's my final year already. Freaking fast!
Fingers crossed that I would survive Year 3!

Oh well, life goes on.
All izz well.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012



会想念,Sukho Thai的蛋炒饭。
会想念,不用害怕被rape, rob, kill 的日子。
会想念,Tesco Sainsbury's 的半价哈根达斯。


明天将会一大早起床去City, 希望可以看到英女王!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

28 Days

Hello Bloggie, it's been a while.
Can't believe my last entry was last August! Almost a year weh. *sweeps off dust*

So I was in Ningbo campus in China for student exchange and now in Nottingham.
My very last 7 days in Nottingham, and it marks the end of my student exchange programme.
I was busy planning my Europe trip, mom and sis purposely fly over early so that I don't do crazy shit like travelling solo.
Seriously, I do think that Europe is MUCH safer than Malaysia.
Heck, even China is safer than Malaysia!

My family and I do travel a lot, but normally we would just go by tour but every time it feels like I didn't see enough, it's all so touch 'n' go. So I've convinced my dad to ditch tour and just DIY this time.
Hope we don't end up stranded in some strange city penniless.
Planning is a bitch, I often find myself researching for a hotel to stay for hours.
Which hotel to stay? Which city to go? How many days here? How many days there? Blablabla.

It's annoying, but I do enjoy it.
Before this, I am not sure which country goes where in the map.
Now I am familiar with most of the cities in Europe.
Definitely the best way to learn Geography!

The voyage shall begin on the 21st June 2012, 14 cities, 28 days.